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I’m based in Sydney Australia, and since about 8:30am this morning (Monday morning), I’ve been getting calls redirected through to my mobile phone from some guy called Ian who runs what would appear to be quite a successful pool and pool fencing business in Queensland.  So far I’ve received over 32 phone inquires for pools and pool fences.  Unfortunately he does not seem contactable, so I can’t even ask for a commission for handling his phone calls.  I’ve sent him a fax quite nicely suggesting that I hope he redirects his phone soon or else I may be tempted to move interstate and setup what appears to be a very lucrative business.

I hate it when someone makes a simple mistake and it causes other grief – I can’t exactly turn of my phone now as it will mean MY customers can’t get to me.  I’m thinking of all the creative things I can do with his customers….

3 thoughts on “sorry – wrong number…

  1. well – I no longer sell swimming pools which is great. The guy made a simple 1 digit typo when he forwarded his office phone to my mobile. He rang to say sorry and thanks for the patience. But it’s got me wondering just what I could have done to get out of the issue. I rang our telco, but the could do nothing about it as I had no permission to change his telephones call forwarding. Interesting – just glad I didn’t get the wrong number from some other type of "establishment"… my wife would really be worried then!

  2. Unfortunate incident, especially when you’re paying money to answer his customers calls. I hope you blog back again with your most interesting reply to one of his customers.

    Why not try a conversion? "Now you’ve called inquiring about a pool, that’s clearly more expensive then what I have to sell, and my product can do so much more. Sure it doesn’t keep you cool in the summer, but it keeps your data secure, connects you to the internet and provides added functionality to your home or office network that you’d otherwise be missing."

    Now that’d be fun.

  3. I was already imagining an SBS team meeting six months from now analyzing the type of businesses in which SBS grew the most in the last period. People would be asking "how come we grew so much in the pool business? Why only in Australia? Should we ping Wayne and get his perspective on this?" He he he

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