“Redmond, we have a green light on SBS2003 Service Pack 1 Beta”

In scenes reminiscent of the space shuttle launch, the SBS Dev team this morning had their release meeting for the Beta of SBS2003 Service Pack 1.  The managers from the Dev/Test/Program management team and the user education managers Lead program managers were all asked to signify their signoff of the release of this beta as they went around the room responding “Go“ when asked about their specific teams focus areas.

Incorporating Windows 2003 Service Pack 1, Exchange 2003 Service Pack 1, various other hotfixes and security patches, this represents the first major release of code for SBS since it’s launch in October 2003.  Users who have SBS 2003 Premium will also get ISA 2004 and SQL 2000 Service pack 4 as well.  Although this is a beta release and should only be used on non-production systems, it’s a step forward for many of the SBS’ers out there in the fight towards increased security and reliability.

If you’ve been accepted into the beta program for SBS 2003 SP1 then you should be able to download the updates from the MS beta site some time over the weekend.

The input that MS have taken in preparing this beta from partners and the community reflects a commitment to improve the product based on not only their own PSS reports, but those comments from the people at the coalface.  Good work MS – we look forward to the release of the final RTM version of this in the coming months.  Thanks also for allowing the MVPs to be part of this process as an interface to the community.

5 thoughts on ““Redmond, we have a green light on SBS2003 Service Pack 1 Beta”

  1. Great post, Wayne! I’d like to thank the the SBS MVPs, partners and all SBS community members who provided us with great feedback for this Service Pack beta. Keep it coming! 🙂

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