www.SBSfaq.com is BACK! – Using new invigorating Sharepoint Services technology.

My website www.SBSfaq.com has been off the air since last July when we moved our internal server over from SBS2000 to SBS2003.  The old sbsfaq.com site was actually hosted using Exchange public folders to store all the content.  This was something that we developed internally and I could post information to the website simply by sending an email to a public folder.  Now this was really cool – I didn’t need to do any fancy HTML editing to get content up there and it was one of the key reasons why I designed it like that.  Anyway – when we moved from SBS2000 to SBS2003 we did some quick testing and found that the code that we had written that worked fine on Exchange 2000 would actually require a fair bit of modification to work on Exchange 2003.  Therefore with the inclusion of Sharepoint Services in SBS2003, I decided not to bother but instead redevelop the site using the features of SBS2003.

So – things got real busy over the last 9 months and I didn’t get to put the time into the development that I had hoped.  I’ve now gotten the site up and running on Sharepoint and will be revealing more and more content that I’ve had backlogged for that time.  I would certainly welcome any feedback that people have to offer on this site and suggestions for what you’d like to see there.  One of the things that I’ve put up there now is a Trend SMB Suite on SBS2003 install and configuration guide – aim to minimise the number of issues that people have had in getting Trend up and running on SBS2003.  It’s a free download so go check it out.

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