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So over the weekend, my company moved into new premises ready for the planned growth we’ve been working on for some time.  As part of the move and part of the longer term business plans, we decided to implement the Vonexus VoIP system internally.  I’m one for very much believing in “eating ones own dogfood” so to speak and I believe that it’s only by using the technology and pushing it to it’s limits that you know exactly where those limits are and when they might bite you back.  Over the next few days / weeks I’ll be posting more on how we’ve implemented the Vonexus system and how it’s doing good things for us… or not as the case may be.  For those that have not heard about the Vonexus system, it’s a system that runs on a dedicated Windows Server platform focused on the Small Business market – ie the SBS world.  Yes it does require an additional server, but the specs for our office are quite low – a Proliant ML110 would suffice nicely – althought we are using it on a DL320 only because we got it cheap (gotta save those bucks).  The system we have is a Pentium 4 3.0Ghz server with 1.5GB RAM (althought 1G would do fine), and mirrored 80G ATA Hard Drives.  It’s configured with Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition and the Vonexus software.  We’ve teamed it with a Quintum XXXXX model Media gateway which was selected to connected to our ISDN PRI (Telstra Onramp 10) service.  We can have up to 10 in or outbound calls at any given time.  I’ll be reporting back here over the next few days / weeks on hwo we’re going and things to consider if your implementing VoIP in your business and for your customers.  If you want to find out more about Vonexus check out their website



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  1. We’re considering Vonexus as well. How are you coming with it? What SIP phones did you buy? What have the users said about it?

  2. I would take Vonexus over Object World any day. Be carefull with that Quintum gateway. You really should splurge for an Audio Codes. I will say this, the Quintum ones for PRI’s are much better than the analog ones though.

    For US based customers, you should uses iTEL-ip for SIP trunking. They deliver end to end QoS and it eliminates the need for a gateway. Much smoother solution and cost effective.

    Good Luck.

    VoIP Guru

  3. Hi Wayne

    I have been thinking about how VOIP and how it fits into the SMB market. I have had a good look at Altigen and liked the system, it appeared easy to install and use, however the cost was fairly high, Altigen also insisted that you purchase the Server box with the expansion cards from them. Will Vonexus provide you with the expansion cards and allow you to build you own server for this purpose? I will have to look at Vonexus more before being able to give my two cents worth in a comparison with Altigen but I do have to say that the fact that Vonexus appears to be more geared to MS products that do fit in the SMB space will definitely be an advantage. I’m in Ireland and so will have to see if there is a reseller here and perhaps get a proper demo.



  4. We have 3 Vonexus already deployed. We have yet to find a good integration group. Seems we know as much as they do. I am anxious to hear if you have deployed and what you think.

    Vonexus warned us against the Quintium gateway, they only want Audiocodes. From a PRI standpoint, it rocks. Analog sucks. PERIOD. Echo and disconnect problems abound.
    Go with a PRI or don’t go!

    Good luck

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