I’m an MCSE – why should I sit the 70-282 exam…

Ok – at conferences you overhear many conversations.  One I heard yesterday, just made me mad.  Typical of some people though.  Two guys – they were MCSEs and had many enterprise clients.  They were looking at the new Small Business Specialist program and were trying to understand what value it had to them.  They are registered partners and MCSEs.  Their question was why should they have to sit the 70-282 exam and take all that time out of their business to study for it.  Surely given that they had their MCSE meant that they could handle the lowly SBS server as it’s “just the components all on one box”…  GRRRR…. They felt that they should get an exception from doing the exam and bailed up a couple of Microsoft people to push their point.  Why should they get an exemption…  Heck – it’s all on one box – that’s the first reason.  It’s got wizards that most MCSE types don’t use – and when they don’t they stuff up the system and make a real mess of it – that’s the second reason.  It’s got more features than just the sum of its components – that’s the third reason.  I know many people have had to rescue systems that enterprise level MCSEs have abused by treating it like an enterprise system.   What do you think?

3 thoughts on “I’m an MCSE – why should I sit the 70-282 exam…

  1. Your comments are typical of those expect from the new wave that everyone has to have a certificate to be any-good.

    After you pinch yourself, take a look around and the best people don’t have any paper certificates, the just do it and not wank on about qualifications. MSCE etc are a dime a dozen

    In the end anyone with half a brain can configure SBS and those with the usual quals should be good for it. Drop the bs about the skills required and open your eyes

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