Cookies and Support People

I’ve got a gripe with support people.  How many times have you been investigating a problem and either told someone to delete there IE cookies or been told to do that yourself?  I find this extremely frustrating as a user that the support people do not know WHICH cookies are related to their particular site.  Surely if I am having a problem with a site then I should be able to delete all the cookies related to just that site – surely the site developers know which cookies they rely on and therefore which ones we need to delete.  I get frustrated when told I need to delete all my cookies as so much information is stored inside of them that is a real pain to reset them.  I know the purists out there will say “No – cookies are bad and you should never accept them”, but it’s a fact of life.  Website developers should clearly document the things their site relies on and then ensure that this doco is passed on to the support people so that they can remove the frustration.  Furthermore IE should be enhanced so that it knows which cookies are linked to which site and you have the option to delete all cookies related to a specific site.  Oh well – I guess now I’ll get someone telling me how IE already does this or that it’s a feature of Vista or something – go ahead… make my day [:D]

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