New Partner Locator tool for Australian MS Partners

Body: Microsoft have also recently launched a cool Find a Partner tool which ties in Microsoft Virtual Earth with the usual MS Partner Directory. Now you can quickly find and visualise not only the local Pizza place, but your local MS SBSC, Certified Partner or Gold Certified Partner. I’ve noted that it also shows those people with business that operate from home as their home address too – so something to keep an eye on for sure! The picture shows up your top level competency and if you click next, it shows you that you may also be a Small … Continue reading New Partner Locator tool for Australian MS Partners

Microsoft Australia Launches Partner TV

Body: Once again, Microsoft Australia lead the pack in communicating to the partner channel. Today at the Australian MS Partner Conference, on Hamilton Island, Microsoft launched "Partner TV" – a new initiative from them to communicate with us resellers. Pip Marlow, the Director of the SMS&P group at Microsoft Australia has presented one of the first blogs focusing on talking to partners about what they want to achieve from the partnership with Microsoft, and inviting resellers to continue to provide feedback to Microsoft so that they can provide us with the right tools to do the business we need to … Continue reading Microsoft Australia Launches Partner TV

How to diagnose a Network Port problem.

Body: Today I was onsite with one of my clients and experienced a strange problem with one PC that was being ghosted from an image. The client runs a chain of retail outlets and when they open a new outlet they use Ghost to prepare a machine based on an image. They have a run up area down the back of their warehouse as well as two older servers. The problem was that when they went to use the PC to do the build, the ghost image (1.5GB in size) would not come down at all. The target system would … Continue reading How to diagnose a Network Port problem.

Catch up with Trend Micro CEO – Eva Chen

Body: Trend Micro’s CEO Eva Chen was here in Sydney yesterday. Her aim was to talk to partners about the directions Trend Micro is taking with their products, and the local partner program which has just be relaunched under the Affinity Partner Program title. I’ll leave the specifics of the partner program to another post. What struck me when arriving at the event was Eva’s openness which to be honest is something that I’ve come to expect from Trend Micro staff here in Australia, but it was fantastic to see that it extended all the way to the top of … Continue reading Catch up with Trend Micro CEO – Eva Chen

Software I use…

Body: I talk a lot to people, both face to face when I’m running training or presenting, and also online via various forums. Often I’m using some cool piece of software that helps people do things better. People want to know about this stuff and in particular the cool things that I use it for. Therefore I’ve started a category for "Software I use" which will highlight the software that I use in a day to day scenario, not just the good, but the bad and the downright ugly as well. Some vendors deserve to be shot for the poor … Continue reading Software I use…

Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3 Announcement

Body: Microsoft today announced plans for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows XP Service Pack 3 betas. I received this last night under embargo until today – so here’s an extract of what I know. What is Windows Vista Service Pack 1? Windows Vista SP1 is an update to Windows Vista that, along with improvements delivered to users via Windows Update, addresses feedback from our customers.  While SP1 contains valuable updates to Windows, organizations don’t need to wait to deploy and can experience the improved security, management and deployment benefits of Windows Vista today. In addition to previously released … Continue reading Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3 Announcement

What RSS reader do you use? Aka – I wish MS had support this good!

Body: I’ve used a few different RSS readers over the past 12 months and I’ve finally settled on one that I like. I tried to use Outlook 2007 – but got fed up with the fact that it would all by it’s own accord stop synchronising the feeds. I tried a number of things to resolve it, but ultimately they all failed to make it work the way it was supposed to. I tried RSS Bandit and for a long time this was my reader of choice, that is until I discovered Feedghost. Feedghost came to me via some of … Continue reading What RSS reader do you use? Aka – I wish MS had support this good!

GFI Webmonitor for ISA v3.0 to v4.0 Upgrade may cause very slow internet access for users

Body: Today I’ve done an inplace upgrade for a customers ISA 2004 server up to ISA 2006 – the upgrade itself went well once we removed the Firewall Client Share in ISA 2004. The client uses GFI’s Webmonitor for ISA Server to monitor their users and block certain sites. It works pretty well and gives them control over the users internet access above and beyond that provided by ISA. The client was on v3.0 of this product and following the upgrade I noticed an error message in the event log. Event Type:        Warning Event Source:        Microsoft ISA Server Web Proxy Event Category:    None … Continue reading GFI Webmonitor for ISA v3.0 to v4.0 Upgrade may cause very slow internet access for users

My New Blog

Body: Hi Guys – many of you will know that I am extremely impressed with what Windows Sharepoint Services v3.0 can do.  So much so that I decided to move my blog over here so that I can continue to blog and in fact increase my blogging.  So welcome to my blog – I’ve had a few challenges in getting things running and soon I’ll blog about how this blog was made up and how you can build your own blog on WSS v3.0   Published: 20/08/2007 12:00 AM