Free Hotfixes.. get yer hotfixes here without calling Microsoft.


Recently Microsoft released a new service that will allow you to get Hotfixes via email instead of waiting in a phone queue to talk to a real person. That’s great and it will save us techos many a wasted hour on the queues and means we can get more done in less time. I’ve not needed to use it before, but tonight, after months of frustration with our Vista Media PC loosing it’s channel 7 all the time, my wife told me that she’s done the research and we just need hotfix 938927 from Microsoft. My wife has done the research herself to find this out as I’ve been too busy to pay attention to it myself. Now she’s not a real technical person, but has more and more been giving things a crack as I’ve been too busy to do things around the house. Today it was the Vista PC. Anyway – she told me over dinner about this and then said all she needs to do is to call Microsoft. I thought of this and within an hour we have the hotfix – all while catching up on the TV News, and family. Now that’s cool.


Anyway – the link for this service from Microsoft is;en;1410&WS=hotfix

Go for it!

Published: 5/09/2007 6:58 PM

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