Free software for Not For Profit organisations in Australia


For some time, Microsoft have offered software to legitimate not for profit organisations free of charge – up to a certain limit of course. They did this via the Techsoup organisation. Today I found out that they are doing it here in Australia as well – but this is via Donortec

Now if you look after NFPs, then via this program you can purchase SBS 2003 R2 Premium with 5 CALs for just $87 AUD – yes – that’s right EIGTHY SEVEN dollars. WOW – that’s normally near $2500 AUD for full package product. Vista Business edition is just $13 AUD too. Now this program is not for all people, it’s only available to those organisations that have the right credentials. And no – just because your company does not MAKE a profit, does not mean it’s a "Not for Profit" J

Published: 5/09/2007 11:00 PM

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