What – no blogging for today?


Ok – I confess that I was not at work today. Instead I took the day off and did something much more important for my teenage daughter – I went to school with her. She invited me to come to a special festival day today and help out. I cooked a BBQ (along with 3 other dads) for 1100 teenage girls. They got the best burgers we could cook. I got some downtime to chat with a few other dads, that had zero related to IT and that was great. The day was fancy dress for the students, but those that know me know that I would not resist a chance to join in the fun too J I wore the loudest T-Shirt I had and a Willy Wonka hat to boot. They had a cool rock concert after lunch which played some tunes from when I was at school. Back to work now for me – I have a conference to organise.

Many students and teachers asked me if I was her father – apparently, the word spread. I don’t think I embarrassed her, but it was good to spend some time with her. It’s actually something I try to encourage others to think about, the chances that they miss out on by being totally work focused as I have been for so many years. It’s a hard habit to break and one that I am working on myself, but the rewards are there. How can you put a price on having your daughter come up and in front of other students give you a hug?

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Published: 5/09/2007 3:36 PM

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