SMBNation – I’m on my way


In a few hours I fly out from Sydney heading to Seattle. I’m presenting at SMBNation on conjunction with SBSDiva Ms Susan Bradley on the topic of patch management in the SBS/SMB environments. I must admit, I’ve known Susan for a long time, but I’ve never presented with her, so I am a little bit nervous. After all – this is THE SUSAN BRADLEY… I’m worried that if I say the wrong thing that I’ll get hit with her legendary 2×4..

In addition to SMBNation, I’ve got a few meetings with Microsoft people – in fact, my first meeting with my editor – sounds kind of funny really as it’s all new to me. I’ve written chapters for various SBS books before, but this will be my first book totally written by me. I’m writing for MS Press – the book is a first for MS Press and will be the SBS 200x Administrators Pocket Consultant. These are those cool little books that are great for the IT administrator as they show them how to administer the network, rather than go into all the details about how things work, this will be purely how to do things. MS Press have never done an APC on SBS before so I feel somewhat privileged indeed that they are doing this with me. I’ll post more details on this once we have them.

Anyway – I might be a bit slow in responding though over the next week. If your at SMBNation make sure you come and say hello J

Published: 26/09/2007 9:24 AM

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