Backups while I’m away from home


I use a combination of backups on my home SBS network – naturally, it’s not your normal network. I’ve got an SBS 2003 R2 server with a few extra tweaks, a large server that hosts a number of virtualised systems (both WS 2005 R2 and VMWare Server). Backing up this lot is a bit of a challenge. While I’m away, my wife is swapping tapes each day. I use BackupAssist to make this easier. BackupAssist is a pretty cool product that allows you to backup your server to tape, disk, FTP and a number of other destinations. It makes scheduling a backup really easy with a number of preset schedules. One of the cool things that I like is that regardless of being used on an SBS server or a normal Windows Server, it sends me a daily email that I can review to check that backup has taken place, and details of the backup. It can also send reminder emails during the day to a person in your business that is scheduled to change the tape – my wife gets those this week J


The following is an excerpt from last nights backup – it shows clearly how much was backed up and the green tick to say all is good.


One of my servers at the data center, backs up to another server there as a NAS device – here’s an excerpt from that report showing me just how much space is left on the server – now that’s cool.

Published: 28/09/2007 12:23 AM

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