Handy maps to have when visiting Microsoft in Redmond


I’m here in Redmond for a few days to attend SMBNation and also to visit a few people at Microsoft on various teams to make good contacts so I can write even better and more informed things on Cougar, Centro, and the other products I’m involved with. One of the things you learn after working with MS for a while is that their campus here in Redmond is BIG – really big. And you can get around parts of it by walking if you want. So each time I come to MS, I download these three maps to my PDA – that way if I catch a taxi to any building then I’ll know where to go. Most MS employees will tell you – oh – I’m in building 18 or 43 etc – and most taxi drivers don’t always know where building 18 is. Anyway – long story short – here’s the maps. The SBS Dev team are in building 43. MS Press (my editor – Karen) is in building 18 and next week, SMBNation conference is being held in building 33, and next week I’m meeting with the SCE team and they are in building 44. See – simple right? J Oh – and to give you an idea of scale – it’s about a 15-20minute walk from building 43 to building 33.

Main Campus


North Campus


West Campus

Published: 27/09/2007 9:16 PM

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