Grey has left the building…


I don’t know if it’s a good day or not. I’ve just been told that long time SBS MVP, Grey Lancaster, the man who I believe is the community grandpa of SBS, has left the SBS MVP family. No – he’s not passed away or anything, in fact he’s quite healthy and has the massive ear to ear grin of a Cheshire cat. Grey has been announced as the first Windows Home Server MVP. Grey was the guy who started what is now the SBS2k Yahoolist which has been a hub of the community around SBS for many many years. I’ve been on that list since 1999 and Greys influence on the community is unmistakeable. He’s a patient, tolerant and very generous man who talks slow but thinks real fast. His quick wit is often under estimated and it’s a real pleasure to know him. I know that whilst he moves into being a WHS MVP, that you never really leave the SBS family. He’s a real asset to the Windows Home Server community and will I know do well. Congratulations mate – you’re a star!

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Published: 29/09/2007 9:06 AM

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