SBS Tech Center – New and Improved


NEWSFLASH: I’m here at Microsoft Redmond today and in the last 45 minutes they have launched a new Tech Center on the MS Technet website specifically for SBS 2003. Which has some cool new features.

You can get to it at


Normally, if you post feedback on the site, you get no feedback. One of the cool things of this new site is that you can give direct feedback to any author of an article on the site. By default all feedback is anonymous, but if you leave your email address in the feedback then the author can get back to you to engage with you in improving the content even further. Now – this is not there as a means of support, but it’s a way to help get better documentation out there in the community that is clear and concise. See below – you can answer Yes/No/Somewhat and then give direct feedback to the author who wrote that article.

See – you can give compliments or even corrections that they can then include in the future


There’s a heap of new things going on behind the scene that will be announced soon too!

Published: 29/09/2007 8:37 AM

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