Testing Email Antispam Solution – now in progress


This morning I’ve started testing of TrendMicros InterScan Messaging Hosted Security product. It’s an in the cloud based Antivirus/AntiSpam/AntiPhishing solution that should offload the task of cleansing my email before it reaches my server. As part of that I’ve had to change my DNS records for mail to have it delivered to their servers first. I’m still running the full CSM for SMB on my server with it’s antivirus/antispam turned on too for the moment. I’ll have a full report over the next few weeks as I trial this in comparison to just CSM for SMB.

If you have any issues with email not getting to me, then please leave a comment on this blog with your email address and I’ll sort it out.

Category: Software I use
Published: 9/10/2007 7:18 AM

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