Do you get the Name ActiveX Control message on Sharepoint Services 3.0 sites?


UPDATE: I’ve reverted to the old init.js file as if you make the changes below, it removes the ability for you to log in and add webparts to the page using a web browser. I’ll investigate later and sort it. Need to get on with writing today.

Prior to today, you may have noticed that when you browse this blog you get the following warning…



No – it’s not some attempt by me to subvert your computer – it’s Microsoft

This issue is due to the functionality built into WSS 3.0 and Sharepoint 2007 that allows it to show online presence information. In a public facing website, it’s not all that much use.

MS know of the problem and have a KB on how to resolve it.

Either you can add this site to your trusted sites list (not recommended)

Or you could do what I’ve done and use Option 3 in the KB above. I could not locate the init.js in my Master Page, so I modified the init.js script directly

Published: 11/10/2007 1:04 PM

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