SBS Events in Sydney in November!


Sydney, November, 2007 – that’s the place to be if you want to see some of the best get together and chat about all things SBS and SMB related. There are two key events on in late November.


November 21st, the Sydney SBS Group will be moving their regular meeting to take advantage of a truck load of SBS talent being in town. It’s a $5.00 fee for the event and it’s being held at Microsoft’s North Ryde premises. We only have room for 150 people, so get in quick to register for the event. For those outside of Sydney, we’ll be webcasting the event (although you just HAVE to be there to meet the people). Registration and further info is here





November 23rd, sees my company in conjunction with Trend Micro present Australia’s first SMB Security summit. We’ll be getting an up close and personal with the issues that affect our SMB clients and how we can address them to the best results. Registration for this event is free, but space is limited to 100 people, so don’t miss out. Registration and further info is here

Featuring some of the world’s most respected SMB security experts, the Security Summit will address a comprehensive range of issues on SMB security to help you provide the right security solution for your customer(s). These include:

  • Understanding the latest security threats – We brief you on current and emerging security issues so you better understand the threat horizon facing you and your customer(s).
  • Understanding security from your customer’s perspective – We explain what your customer(s) really need so you can tailor an appropriate security solution for each.
  • Understanding security from an SMB IT resellers perspective – We inform you how offering security solutions to your customer(s) can result in a profitable business. We also provide you helpful tips from individuals that are currently doing so.
  • Understanding security from a technical implementation perspective – Learn how to efficiently implement security solutions and audit the results for effectiveness.
  • Learn how to support customers remotely – Learn how to support your customer(s) from a remote location and learn useful "tips" from individuals that are currently doing so.

In addition, you can ask our security experts direct questions that pertain to any of the topics covered at our Question and Answer session.


Please support these community events, they will be fantastic chances to meet with many others in the community that have the same passion and goals as you yourself do.

Published: 25/10/2007 10:21 PM

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