CRN Award – the full story


Recently I was awarded an award by CRN Magazine which was very unexpected.  Prior to the award, I was interviewed by CRN for what I thought was a profile piece they were doing on various members of the community.  The interview lasted around an hour and they put some of it up here.

What I want to highlight is that with any interview things often do get missed.  I’m hoping that this post can help to amplify some of the things that I feel need to be said.

1. The fantastic support that I’ve had from my wife Joanne and family over the years – without which I could not have done what I have done or continue to do it.  My wife has been a voice of reason over time and maybe I should listen to her a little more as she very often she ends up being right on so many things.  She has sacrificed her own career so that I could pursue mine – a rare thing indeed.  Over the next few years, I aim to support her more so that she can follow her chosen path.

2. The support that I’ve had from my business partner Ryan Spillane – Ryan and I merged our two business’s under the Correct Solutions banner nearly 3 years ago now, and he has been extremely understanding in the change of direction that I’ve chosen to take.  When I said that I wanted to reduce my involvement in Correct and the background behind it, he understood – maybe a little reluctant for sure, but he understood.  He continues to support my community efforts and was in fact a speaker at last weeks 2007 SMB Security Summit here in Sydney.

Thank you to Joanne and Ryan without your support.

Published: 28/11/2007 6:33 AM

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