Oh come on – that’s insane – Sesame Street = Adults Only?


I just read this article this morning that some of the older episodes of Sesame Street (a show I grew up with) are being labelled as Adults Only now due to political correctness.  I often feel that in the world we live in today that there is too much of this "Political Correctness" and not enough "Common Sense".  I mean how many kids are REALLY going to believe that you can live in a garbage can (aka Oscar the grouch) or that you can smoke a Chocolate pipe and then eat it. 

At what point do we as parents take responsibility for our own kids and stop foisting it on others and blaming others?  As a parent it is our responsibility to explain these things to our kids in the context that they see them.  I remember the first time our son saw two gay men holding hands walking down the street and I had to explain to him that not all men love women.  Sure – that was confusing for the little guy at first, but he had some questions and now he understands.  We have some friends who are lesbians come over recently and for him this was a total non issue now.  As parents it should be OUR responsibility to help educate our kids with our ideals and values.  It is not just something we give to over to the TV stations to do.  No – I believe that common sense is dead – here in fact is his obituary.

We need to encourage our children to be tolerant of others views and opinions and we can only do that with common sense.  Bring back common sense I say.

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Published: 2/12/2007 7:10 AM

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