Strange Error Messages and MS KB Articles


In one of the forums I am involved in there is a discussion of strange and interesting error messages and the like that we come across in the IT Industry.  Here are some of them that were posted.

Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music

OFF2001: Office Assistant Makes Sudden Loud Noise –

Sometimes Barney Starts Playing Peekaboo on His Own –

MSB Solar: ErrMsg: Solar System Needs More Memory to Run –

Kitchen: Known Content Errors –

Hair color of the "person" icon for a user group becomes gray if the group contains more than 500 users –


And this one, no longer in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 

Explorapedia Nature: Earth Rotates in Wrong Direction –

Other onscreen messages include



What’s your favourite error message that just does not make sense?

Published: 4/12/2007 8:59 AM

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