My new phone – HTC TyTn II – 2 days in


This week I finally replaced my aging HP iPaq rw6828.  It’s become more and more unreliable over the last 6 months, with issues like the screen shaking badly, call dropouts, funky noises coming over it from time to time.  I’ve had it for what feels like 2+ years and it’s been the longest Windows Mobile device I’ve owned.

So the challenge was to look for something to replace it.  I looked around, asked a number of people and there are many options out there.  I decided early on that it would be a Windows Mobile 6 device.  I have no desire to get into the Blackberry discussion as I want full integration with the Microsoft stack and you can only get that with Windows Mobile devices.  All roads seemed to lead back to the HTC TyTn II device.  One of the guys in the office had one of these and I was pretty impressed with it.  So I looked around and found the best price I could get was $1194 AUD inc GST including CoPilot 7.  I got it from Press Digital – here.  Ordered it and waited for it to arrive – it arrived within 24 hours which was great service.

So far, I’ve used it with HSDPA linked to my Vista Laptop and the experience of using RDP from my laptop over the link was just like I was in front of the servers screen.  Amazing.  All other functions of the device have been equally amazing and so far, I’m yet to find a downside to it.  I’ll post more in the coming weeks about it and my experiences.

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Published: 14/12/2007 3:09 PM

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