Dear Santa…


Dear Santa,

You might think that I’m a little old to write to you asking for things for Christmas, but I live in hope that my dreams will one day come true.  I’ve been a very good boy this year Santa, I’ve refocused my life on my family and it’s showing good results.  I’m less stressed now and really enjoying the work I am doing in the community.  This year Santa, I really only want one thing for Christmas.  I’d like software to work as it’s advertised.  I know your a busy man and all Santa, but here’s a just one of the things that have occurred over the past few months that really should not have.  Maybe your Christmas elves can work some magic over at Microsoft and make things happen for the new year.

Outlook 2007 keeps crashing on my computers and it just does not like the fact that I have a large mailbox at all.  I’ve been told by many people that it’s not designed to handle anything much over 2GB, but naughty Bill Gates and his team decided to make the limit 20GB, so I figure it should work to at least half of that right?  Unfortunately no – my OST is only 5GB right now and it’s performance really is not nice at all.  Not only that, but naughty Outlook often decides to crash on a regular basis resulting in long wait times while it rebuilds or tests it’s OST file.  I’ve been told that maybe it’s my anti virus software, or third party applications that cause it problems.  Well – I can now disprove that too Santa.  I was lucky this year and bought myself a nice new laptop just this week – it’s a Toshiba Portege R500.  Very nice indeed.  So right out of the box, I installed Office 2007 Ultimate, and then as a good security conscious boy, I went and patched it with Office 2007 Service Pack 1.  Well – it’s been all day now and it’s crashed 3 times in just doing the initial synchronisation.  I am really worried about how it will work after it’s all up and running.

Santa – I don’t think it’s nice at all that Bill and his friends won’t make this work the way it should do.  Maybe you need to revisit the naughty and nice list and see where he and his team should be on it.  I think that if they promise things should work then they should keep their promises.

Anyway Santa – thanks again as always for all the cool toys and stuff.  I hope you like the beer and chocolate cake we’ll leave out for you this year again.  You always seem to eat it all.  I don’t know how you get away with it really.

Best wishes


Published: 23/12/2007 7:29 PM

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