is down?

Body: I have ISA monitoring connections for my servers at the data center and at around 7am this morning they told me they could not get to  Ok – I thought – must be something playing up there.  I then started to hear reports from other SBS MVPs that the MS news servers were down.  Hmm – the reports are now coming in from a number of geographically dispersed locations that indeed is unreachable.  I’m wondering at this point if they are under some form of Denial of Service attack as it’s now been over an hour and … Continue reading is down?

Client Server Messaging Security 3.5/3.6 Issues – Resolution

Body: Trend have passed the following information for me to inform the community about this issue.  In short – there are 4 similar issues – some of which are resolved by existing hot fixes that have been available for some time – others using new hot fixes.  In addition Trend will release on December 15, a roll up of a number of hot fixes specifically for CSM 3.5/3.6. Please review it as there are multiple solutions dependant on the issue you see specifically. If you find that you try these solutions and they do not resolve the issues you are … Continue reading Client Server Messaging Security 3.5/3.6 Issues – Resolution

Trend fix almost here.

Body: With respect to the ongoing issue with Trend CSM 3.6 for SMB, I’ve received word today that they do indeed have an understanding and a fix for both the high disk utilisation for TSC.EXE and the Out of Resources issue.  Trend have a patch for the TSC.exe issue and separately are also producing a rollup of a number of their fixes which is due for release in the coming weeks. The Resource issue is fixed with a workaround registry fix – there is a long term fix in the works too. I’ll post more shortly, but I’m expecting Trend … Continue reading Trend fix almost here.

A few good posts on the business side of SMB IT Consulting

Body: I read a number of business level blogs as well, and in the last few days I’ve seen a few good posts that are not directly IT Consulting related but there’s a lot that we can learn from them. The first one talks to setting your price for your services   The second one talks to Business Planning and has a number of links to resources that we can use to help build business plans   The third and fourth ones focus on the need to create systems within your business – even if you are a … Continue reading A few good posts on the business side of SMB IT Consulting

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Information on

Body: We must be getting close now – Microsoft today have released information on the Microsoft download site about Windows XP SP3 –  The update will be up to 580MB and is only for the x86 / 32bit versions of Windows XP. From the Download site Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system. This white paper summarizes what is new in Windows XP SP3. Category: Software Published: 4/12/2007 3:37 PM

Strange Error Messages and MS KB Articles

Body: In one of the forums I am involved in there is a discussion of strange and interesting error messages and the like that we come across in the IT Industry.  Here are some of them that were posted. Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music OFF2001: Office Assistant Makes Sudden Loud Noise – Sometimes Barney Starts Playing Peekaboo on His Own – MSB Solar: ErrMsg: Solar System Needs More Memory to Run – Kitchen: Known Content Errors – Hair color of the "person" icon for a user group becomes gray if the group contains more than … Continue reading Strange Error Messages and MS KB Articles

Facebook Beacon – more trouble than it’s worth?

Body: Today in a news article here it is revealed by security researchers that Facebooks Beacon technology is actually monitoring and transmitting information about your web surfing habits back to Facebook even if you tell it you don’t want it to do that.  This here is one of my major concerns about social networks like Facebook and about how things may well be misused in the interests of "serving you better". Long story short – if you don’t want your details out there, don’t use social networking sites like Facebook and their ilk or else you’re inviting potential disclosure of … Continue reading Facebook Beacon – more trouble than it’s worth?

Exchange 2007 SP1 is out

Body: Most people wait for SP1 of a product to be released before deploying it.  I’m not normally one of those people and I’ve been deploying Exchange 2007 now since March this year for a larger client of ours.  I’ve currently got an open case with Microsoft on some funky intersite SMTP communications issues that has been going on now for 5 to 6 weeks.  I was hoping that Exchange 2007 SP1 might resolve these issues, but reading of the release notes indicates that applying SP1 is a one way operation.  So I’ll continue to investigate the issues with MS. … Continue reading Exchange 2007 SP1 is out

Oh come on – that’s insane – Sesame Street = Adults Only?

Body: I just read this article this morning that some of the older episodes of Sesame Street (a show I grew up with) are being labelled as Adults Only now due to political correctness.  I often feel that in the world we live in today that there is too much of this "Political Correctness" and not enough "Common Sense".  I mean how many kids are REALLY going to believe that you can live in a garbage can (aka Oscar the grouch) or that you can smoke a Chocolate pipe and then eat it.  At what point do we as parents … Continue reading Oh come on – that’s insane – Sesame Street = Adults Only?