Vodafone – 5GB Data Bundles – Misinformation abounds


In December, Vodafone announced a 5GB Data bundle for $39.  This included a 24 month contract and a free data card.  As we were a reseller, I was aware that these were coming and we had discussions with Vodafone about this back in October and were advised that we would be able to attach these data plans to our existing mobile phones which were part of a Business Cap plan.  That is a very significant advantage indeed we thought as I currently pay $29 per month for 100MB on my mobile phone and $99 per month for a separate 1GB Data card on my laptop.  Our customers are needing solutions like this all the time.

So – in December when the plans became available, I decided to take up the 5GB plans.  I completed the forms listing my existing mobile phone numbers and SIM card numbers that I wanted to have the 5GB data plan attached to and submitted them to Vodafone via my reseller account.  I wanted 3 x 5GB data plans all up.  The idea is that I would have 2 phones with the 5GB data plan on them which I would attach to our laptops as needed via USB cable.  Separately I would replace my existing 3G / 1GB per month data card with a new Vodafone Data Card with a 5GB limit (given you can’t be on the phone and the Internet at the same time).  Now due to stock shortages and the Christmas break we have not received the equipment and therefore can’t use the service.

Today the phone bill comes in and they have setup 3 NEW numbers on 3 NEW Sim cards.  WHAT?  So a phone call to Vodafone has revealed that despite what we have been told by the Vodafone Rep, you can’t actually have the 5GB data plans attached to a phone that is also on the Business Cap Plan.  Strange really given that all the things CAME ON THE ONE BILL TODAY!  Furthermore Vodafone are now saying that despite us completing the forms correctly complete with the phone numbers and sim cards we wanted the 5GB plans on that if we wish to cancel the plans we will be subject to early cancellation fees.

Vodafone – I’m sorely disappointed.  I feel as if I’ve been had.  If you could not do what we wanted then I would have expected a call to discuss it rather than proceeding to process the order without even a phone call.  I will fight on and get this resolved.

Have you been subject to screw ups like this?  False advice from a Vodafone rep that has led you into a contract you can’t get out of – if so please let me know.  I and my business partners are planning a meeting with Vodafone in the next week to see if we can make progress on these issues.

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Published: 4/01/2008 2:05 PM

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