So you want Exchange 2007 in your SBS Environment- really?


By the look of it many people just can’t wait for SBS Cougar to be released, therefore they want to get onto Exchange 2007 right now.  Let me tell you people don’t bother.  Wait for SBS Cougar instead as you’ll find everything will work in the SBS way.

The SBS Blog has info on how to get Exchange 2007 into your SBS 2003 environment right now.  It’s here

However things that are not 100% clear that you need to be aware of include…

1. You will need to install a second 64bit server to host your Exchange 2007 environment.  So thats an additional W2003 server license as well as the Exchange 2007 server AND Exchange 2007 CALs that you need to purchase.  Oh and the hardware too.

2. If you choose to have Exchange 2003 AND 2007 working in the same SBS network then you will loose remote access to OWA, Outlook over HTTP and ExchangeActiveSync.

3. If you choose to migrate everyone from the Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 then you will need to deal with all the nuances of configuring the Exchange 2007 servers OWA, Outlook over HTTP, and ExchangeActiveSync manually.  You will need to configure the SSL certificates required yourself too.

4. Whilst it’s not 100% clear, I’ve not seen a document from Microsoft saying that they will actually support this configuration.  Personally – I would not want to go out there as a test case for it either.

Guys – is it really worth it?  Is Exchange 2007 worth that much to your client that they will go and risk all of the above?  I’m not bagging the SBS Blog for publishing the article, but I’m trying to highlight the BUSINESS decision that needs to be made before you head out implementing a TECHNICAL solution.  So many IT consultants think that the latest and greatest is the way to go all the time without considering the business assessment of this.  Make sure you do that before diving into the deep end.  You might find your plastic floaties have holes in them and then your on your own with sharks circling around you.  Not my cup of tea!

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Published: 15/01/2008 10:07 AM

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