Things I love about my new phone


One of the cool things that came with my new phone is a copy of CoPilot Live v7.  This software uses the inbuilt GPS antenna on the TyTn II to guide me from site to site.  One of the really cool features though is that it allows my family to login to a webpage and see where I am.  The blue dot below is me on the way home today.  It updates my location to the website every 5 minutes. 


Whats more is that via the website, my family can send me a message direct to the TyTn II screen which gives me up to 4 options to respond.  Something like "What do you want for dinner?" with potential responses of "Pizza, Chinese, Indian or Thai" as big large buttons for me to quickly hit a response to them.  Very nice software.


Ok- so what can be better than that? Well as an authorised user, I can create a trip via the web and then send it down to the device.  Very cool for someone doing centralised control of a number of people, like service technician etc.


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Published: 16/01/2008 9:57 PM

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