Battery Life tips for Toshiba Portege R500 – Part 1


I’ve been in a MCT Conference this week in Sydney getting the lowdown on Windows Server 2008.  I’m using my new laptop and trying to see just how much life I can get from the battery.  Yesterday I got about 6 hours out of it and that was with about 4 hours of using my Vodafone VMC card too.  So here’s a few tips so far on how to get battery life from it when your at a conference.

Ok – so here’s where it’s at right now after 1.5hrs of use without the VMC card…clip_image001

Not bad – let’s see how it goes through the day.

Tip #1 – turn the backlight down to minimal brightness – most people don’t need it up bright – the room lights are normally down low so a minimal level of brightness works well and helps extend battery life AND gives you more privacy from those around you.

Tip #2 – Turn off the wireless if you don’t need it.  This seems to save quite a bit – maybe an extra hour if the above screens are to be taken seriously.

More tips later today!

Published: 31/01/2008 10:19 AM

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