Remember when all you had was a 56k Dialup Modem?


Yeah – well that’s the experience that I’ll have over the next few weeks.  You see – I’ve just moved house, and whilst my phone line will be connected next Tuesday, getting DSL will take abouter 5 to 8 working days AFTER that.  So in the meantime, I’m somewhat restricted to my Vodafone data card.  I have one for my desktop and one for my laptop.  Problem is for some reason – they don’t even have 3G here so it’s GPRS or nothing!  So you figure – Wayne’s moved out into the boonies right?  Nope – the area I’m in is in a well established section of Sydney’s north west and the houses here have been here for 30 years or so.  Great huh.  I’ve looked at Unwired too for the interim period, but that’s probably not going to fly either as we are in the fringe region of their coverage – it looks like I might get it, but the neighbours up the back won’t.  Not sure I trust their coverage maps all that much.

Anyway – if I’m a bit silent for the next few weeks, you will know why.

PS – ever tried Outlook in Header mode?  Not exactly the live experience.

Category: Rants
Published: 17/02/2008 9:48 AM

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