Something about my blog aka Thanks Vlad!


I blog stuff that is interesting to me and I figure might be of interest to others out there.  Vlad is one of the more well respected (err ok maybe not respected…) well known bloggers in the SMB IT space.  He’s often controversial and always good for a laugh.  He made comment to me that my blog was hard to read – further discussion showed me that he was getting to my blog via the RSS feed of

My real feed is this that will work for you and get you the full text in an RSS reader.  If you have subscribed via the feed then you’ll find that you get a "Read More…" link (see the screen below).  Change your reader over to this link and you’ll be good.


Also – if you want to pickup a few other not so well known but equally respected bloggers in the SBS space check out Vlads post here

Published: 18/02/2008 1:20 PM

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