What is Xobni?


Image-0002I’ve been searching for a tool to prove that the illustrious Susan Bradley does indeed sleep.  Finally I found it! I’ve been using Xobni now for about a month and I’m at the point where I can’t live without it!!!  What is it I hear you ask – well – it’s a cool tool for Outlook that will index your mailbox in a totally different way.  Not only will it give you lightning fast search on your inbox, but it displays conversation threads in the way that they were intended to be viewed.

It also gives you an idea of when people send you emails via a cool timeline graph.  This means that if you send them an email at their peak times, they are most likely to respond quickly vs sending the email during their sleeping hours.

You can see here that Susan actually sleeps (some times between the hours of 6pm and midnight (Sydney time).  You can also see that Susan ranks #4 in my email list having received over 10075 emails from her.

You can see the people connected to Susan which is handy if you recall that you had Susan introduce you to someone and you can’t quite remember their name!

Finally and the coolest bit is that it allows you to see files that you have exchanged with a person – saving you the hassle of opening up all those emails just to find a single attachment.

How can you get Xobni?  At this point it’s a closed beta – you have to know someone in the beta to get in on it.  When you get in on the beta, you have 5 invites you can hand out to people.

I have 5 invites to hand out to people now.  Post a comment on the blog with the best reason as to why you think you need Xobni and I’ll shoot you an invite out.

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Published: 20/02/2008 11:26 AM

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