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Shortly I’ll be testing out Trends new version of Client Server Messaging Security for SMB (CSM).  The current version is 3.6.  The new version will have a new name, taking on the name from the Worry-Free product line.  The new product will be called Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS) v5.0

Now this won’t be available for a few months just yet, but here’s a sneak peak at the feature set from it…


What’s new in Worry-Free Business Securityv5.0?

Feature List

Location Awareness: ability to identify the location of a client based on the server gateway information. Administrators can create profiles for users and have different security settings based on the location of the client (roaming or in the office).

Behavior Monitoring: non-signature based anti-malware detects and protects clients from malicious behavior such as unauthorized changes to the operating system and other programs. It also provides the lock down protection for Intuit Quickbook™ products. Administrators may apply this lock down function to any specified folders.

Wireless Protection – protects against Evil Twin attacks and wireless access points being hacked maliciously. It provides security level settings to support different encryption modes for on-corporate or off-corporate Wi-Fi users.

Web Threat Protection – using latest web reputation technology to assess the security risk of all web URL requests. It stops malware at the source before it is downloaded from the Internet.

Instant Messaging (IM) Protection: provides outbound content filtering protection and restriction of sensitive corporate data in the form of words or phrases being sent out through chat sessions.

POP3 Anti-Spam Protection:  filters anti-spam emails for POP3 clients. This feature comes in the form of a client toolbar plug-in and is compatible with the Outlook client.

Transaction Protector: browser plug-in tool that protects users against malicious hi-jacking activities when conducting online transactions.

Worry-Free Dashboard: provides high level summary view on all threat statistics. The intuitively designed status icons (Green/Yellow/Red) further provides end-users with a good understanding of the health conditions for client PCs and allows for timely action to be taken by the administrator if necessary.

Plug-in Architecture: new architecture design that allows for plug-ins of new technologies as Trend Micro designs them.  It will improve the ability for administrators to select which new plug-in components they want to use and deploy with Worry-Free Business Security.

Windows Vista 64 bit Firewall Support

New WFBS Advanced Features

64-bit Support for Microsoft Exchange 2007 server  

Multi-layered Anti-spam protection: with the new Email Reputation Technology integrated, customers can now enjoy an additional layer of anti-spam protection on top of their existing signature based Trend Micro Anti-Spam Engine and patterns. Email Reputation Technology effectively filters over 70% of the spam emails before they enter your network and results in no longer requiring a local disk for scanning.

Image Spam Protection: with the inclusion of Trend Micro’s TMASE 3.8 or newer versions (Trend Micro Anti Spam Engine) Worry-Free Business Security Advanced can now effectively filter spam that comes in a picture format.


To participate in the Beta program

If you do not have a beta account, please register here (if the link does not work, right click and click “Open hyperlink”). Your username and password will then be sent to log into the portal.  Once you log in for the second time, please click on beta programs | Worry-Free Business Security and answer the survey questions.  Once the questionnaire is complete, you will receive a notification as to when and where the beta program’s availability.

If you have a beta account, please login and sign up for Trend Worry-Free Business Security beta testing (if the link does not work, right click and click “Open hyperlink”) Once the questionnaire is complete, you will receive a notification as to when and where the beta program’s availability.

If you do have an account, but forgot your ID and PW (if the link does not work, right click and click “Open hyperlink”)

If you have any questions please contact: Veronica Zamarron @ or Laura Martinez @

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Published: 26/02/2008 2:26 PM

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