Geek toys I want :-)


imageMy 40th birthday is coming up in March and well yeah – I’m getting old 🙂 

I know that your all asking yourselves, just what can you get for me – the geek who has almost everything.  Well one of the guys in the office came across this cool toy.  I want one!!!






imageHere’s another idea that is kinda cool too.  A living fly trap. Environmentally friendly too!  I’ve had a venus flytrap before and that was cool – but this one has 10 different plants in one!







image How about an Ant Colony – this one has technology from the 2003 Space Shuttle missions in it.  I don’t have to feed it which means it’s hard to kill too 🙂  Ideal for a guys toy.







Now this one is REALLY cool – a remote control surveillance robot. It’s got a wireless remote control and links back to your PC!








So who’s going to buy one for me 🙂

Seriously though – do I think anyone’s going to buy anything for me – no.  I thought they were cool and worth sharing with you all.

Do I think these are cool toys – for sure!

Just incase anyone does decide to give me a birthday present, send it to

PO BOX 6329,

Baulkham Hills DC,

NSW, 2153


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Published: 27/02/2008 7:36 PM

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