Heroes Happen 2008 Launch – Sydney


You know – I’ve been watching the marketing for this launch just like everyone else.  Microsoft are using cartoon characters as the prime "face" of this launch, and I’m not really sure just how well that is being taken in a business world for a serious business product.  Sure it’s different, but in realist how much of the marketing hype affects our decision to purchase a product vs the product features itself? 

Ok – so let’s look at the line up, we have TJ which represents  Windows Server 2008, Cor – SQL Server 2008 and RAIN – Visual Studio 2008 – Cartoon characters used to present serious products. Is this the way of the future with marketing?  Will we suddenly see a cartoon character called Vlad being used to promote the next version of Exchange?  Maybe one called Duggie to promote the Hyper V extensions for Server 2008?  Hmm – maybe I can get my daughter into this and she can make some money from it 🙂

So the show’s about to start here in Sydney, people have been walking in to the tune of the Star Wars theme – I guess that represents the Heroes aspect of it.  More on this later today.

Category: Windows Server 2008
Published: 28/02/2008 10:16 AM

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