Windows Server 2008 – Virtualisation Licensing


At the Heroes Happen Launch here in Sydney today, Microsoft have clarified their licensing of Virtualisation.  My particular interest is with the licensing surrounding the Standard edition of Windows Server 2008.  The information on this so far has been that Microsoft will allow you to run one physical instance of Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition and within that you can run one virtual instance of the Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition as well.  Well today in Sydney they are saying that yes you can do this, BUT that the physical installation can only be used as a host for the virtual installation.  I might be wrong here, but that seems to be pretty pointless for the most point.

Strangely however, the Microsoft website FAQ on licensing for virtualisation does not seem to be as clear.

I’d really like clarification on this and if you know where to they say on their website what they have said here in Sydney, please let me know!

Category: Windows Server 2008
Published: 28/02/2008 12:49 PM

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