SBS 2003 Best Practice Analyser Updated!

Body: Another news item for today is that the SBS 2003 Best Practice Analyser has been updated.  This update takes into account a number of improvements and fixes for the rules. Find out more here Category: SBS 2003 R2 Published: 21/02/2008 4:51 PM

SBS 2008 – What happened to …

Body: Ok – so now that Microsoft have announced formal details of what is included with SBS 2008, the questions commence.  Pre release information is always potentially inaccurate and it would appear that this is the case here too.  So let’s try to clear up a few things so that you’re on the right track now with planning for SBS 2008. SCE is gone… The information before today’s release indicated that Microsoft would include System Centre Essentials (SCE) in the SBS Cougar product, but that’s now not the case.  Here’s a quote from an internal Microsoft team member as to … Continue reading SBS 2008 – What happened to …

SBS 2008 – Some services not available in your area

Body: Part of SBS 2008 involves the integration of some of the Office Live services that Microsoft have.  It would appear based on this information that these are only available in certain geographic locations.  One wonders therefore if the pricing for SBS outside of those locations will be cheaper given that Microsoft are not providing the same features.  Tread carefully here Microsoft – it’s a thin line 🙂 What am I talking about here?  At the bottom of this page Microsoft have indicated that the Office Live services are only available in US, UK, Japan, Germany and France.  One hopes … Continue reading SBS 2008 – Some services not available in your area

Microsoft announces details on SBS 2008 aka SBS Cougar

Body: Today, Microsoft made the first official announcements about the next generation of SBS, formerly code named SBS Cougar.  Windows Small Business Server 2008 is now the official name of the new product.  Microsoft also announced that SBS 2008 is part of the Windows Essential Server Solutions family.  The other current member of this family is the mid size business solution formerly code named Centro – Windows Essential Business Server.  The diagram below shows and overview of the SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 range – both products have a standard and premium version. Ok – so let’s focus on SBS … Continue reading Microsoft announces details on SBS 2008 aka SBS Cougar

What is Xobni?

Body: I’ve been searching for a tool to prove that the illustrious Susan Bradley does indeed sleep.  Finally I found it! I’ve been using Xobni now for about a month and I’m at the point where I can’t live without it!!!  What is it I hear you ask – well – it’s a cool tool for Outlook that will index your mailbox in a totally different way.  Not only will it give you lightning fast search on your inbox, but it displays conversation threads in the way that they were intended to be viewed. It also gives you an idea … Continue reading What is Xobni?

Something about my blog aka Thanks Vlad!

Body: I blog stuff that is interesting to me and I figure might be of interest to others out there.  Vlad is one of the more well respected (err ok maybe not respected…) well known bloggers in the SMB IT space.  He’s often controversial and always good for a laugh.  He made comment to me that my blog was hard to read – further discussion showed me that he was getting to my blog via the RSS feed of My real feed is this that will work for you and get you the full text in an RSS … Continue reading Something about my blog aka Thanks Vlad!

File Sync problems? Try Sync Toy

Body: I’ve used this tool a few times now and find that many people do not even know of it’s existence.  Sync Toy is a cool tool from Microsoft that will allow you to do all kinds of file based synchronisation.  From full bidirectional sync of removable drives to fixed drives, to one way sync only and many variations in between.  Download it here Download the whitepaper here Category: Software I use Published: 18/02/2008 10:53 AM

Remember when all you had was a 56k Dialup Modem?

Body: Yeah – well that’s the experience that I’ll have over the next few weeks.  You see – I’ve just moved house, and whilst my phone line will be connected next Tuesday, getting DSL will take abouter 5 to 8 working days AFTER that.  So in the meantime, I’m somewhat restricted to my Vodafone data card.  I have one for my desktop and one for my laptop.  Problem is for some reason – they don’t even have 3G here so it’s GPRS or nothing!  So you figure – Wayne’s moved out into the boonies right?  Nope – the area I’m … Continue reading Remember when all you had was a 56k Dialup Modem?

Shockey Monkey coming to Sydney

Body: Yes – that’s right folks, the community focused Shockey Monkey system launched by Vlad from Own Web Now and built using 100% community input is coming to Sydney.  It’s due to officially launch shortly, and Vlad is shipping servers to Australia as we speak so that he can work around some of the privacy laws that surround storage of customer data.  Check out Vlads blog for more info here Category: Software Published: 17/02/2008 9:39 AM

Trend Pattern File Problems – blown out of proportion?

Body: I’ve heard a number of people express concern that "Trend have had many issues with their pattern files like we had this week with the 995 pattern file…"  and others similar expressing the suggestion that Trend have had "major issues". Fact – the last issue like this that occurred with Pattern files with Trend was on April 22, 2005 with the 594 pattern file.  Note also that Trend have changed their numbering system slightly so there is a BIG difference between the 594 and the 995 pattern files.  Also note that there is almost 3 YEARS between the two. … Continue reading Trend Pattern File Problems – blown out of proportion?