Trend CSM – Pattern file 997 released

Body: Things are moving quickly this morning – pattern file 997 has been released which has been suggested fixes the issues experienced with the 995 file.  If you have rolled back, wait for a bit and see if the 997 does indeed resolve the issues. If you are using Trends Worry Free Remote Manager (WFRM) then you can force an update across all your sites from within the one console without need to go to each site individually.  I’d suggest if you have not rolled back already to do this. Category: TrendMicro Published: 13/02/2008 9:03 AM

Trend CSM – How to rollback a pattern file

Body: Trend CSM has the ability to rollback a pattern file from it’s centralised console in order to deal with issues such as the one being experienced with the 995 pattern file released earlier today.  To rollback the pattern file, do the following; 1. Login to the CSM console 2. Go to the Updates Tab and select Rollback. You should see the screen as below 3. Select the Rollback button on the Virus Pattern line and you should get the screen below 4. After a few minutes, your clients will have received the notification to rollback to the previous pattern … Continue reading Trend CSM – How to rollback a pattern file

Trend Pattern file 995 not so good

Body: Reports coming in that Trends 995 pattern file is causing high disk and network I/O at this time.  Users have suggested rollback to a previous version of the pattern file will resolve the issue.  Stay tuned for more information Category: TrendMicro Published: 13/02/2008 8:42 AM

Do Partners still value Microsoft’s Partner Program?

Body: An interesting topic being discussed on a number of different forums that I’m involved in is the question of Microsoft’s Partner Program.  Many have had issues with the various programs over the years, sometimes with no resolution.  Recently one of the partners raised a thread in a discussion group and I was literally stunned at the lack of response from other partners that I KNOW have had similar issues.  So the question must be asked… Do Partners still value the Microsoft Partner Program? What problems have you had, what issues do you think need to be changed?  If you … Continue reading Do Partners still value Microsoft’s Partner Program?

Windows 2008 Step by Step Guides

Body: Microsoft have released a number of step by step guides on how to configure Windows 2008 Server.  They are not SBS specific (I’ll have some on my site soon) but I figure they are a great place to start for people wanting to get the lowdown on Windows Server 2008. Category: Software Published: 12/02/2008 6:42 PM

HP RAID Controller – Drive Expansion

Body: I’m onsite today doing some work with a client – one of the things I’ve had to do is to add some disks to an existing HP RAID setup.  Part of the screen below includes an animated refresh button which "might" give them impression that it’s refreshing the screen often. It’s not.  The tip of the day is to HIT the REFRESH button.  Had I done it earlier, I would have realised that my drive expansion was actually FINISHED.  DOH! Category: Software Published: 12/02/2008 11:10 AM Attachments:

Microsoft promotes piracy due to their attitudes

Body: Last week, Microsoft announced the Release to Manufacturing of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Service Pack 1.  The same day as an MSDN subscriber, I could download Windows Server 2008 and begin testing on the final product.  Not so for Windows Vista SP1 however.  Microsoft have announced that this will be available some time in March…  Sorry??? What was the RTM then?  If the product is not ready they why did you Release it to Manufacturing?  I feel more and more that the marketing machine at Microsoft is driving product release dates which bear no relevance at all … Continue reading Microsoft promotes piracy due to their attitudes

You know – it just ain’t funny anymore…

Body: I blogged earlier today (Questions about Australia) about some funny things that people ask about Australia.  Then I had the need to ask Microsoft for a hotfix via the web interface they have.  Here’s the response I got below…. Hello, Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Service. I understand from your message that you would like to obtain hotfix from Microsoft. I am unable to locate the hotfix mentioned in KB article 934396 for the product you have specified. From the information you have provided in your message, I understand that you are located in Australia. There are significant … Continue reading You know – it just ain’t funny anymore…

Questions about Australia

Body: I get various joke emails from friends all the time – most of the time I read and delete them.  But today this one really struck home.  Being a regular international traveller I get all kinds of questions asked of me about Australia?  These below came from an email doing the rounds.  I’m not sure of copyright on them or anything so if I’ve broken someone’s  copyright please let me know and I’ll sort it out. These were posted on an Australian Tourism Web site and the answers are the actual responses by the web site officials, who obviously … Continue reading Questions about Australia

Robbie Upcroft Blogs

Body: Finally after many years of persuasion, the infamous Robbie Upcroft has started to blog.  Robbie is the new SBS/WEBS product manager here at Microsoft Australia and he’s a long time veteran of the SBS/SBSC space.  I did an interview with Robbie just before Christmas which will be up later this week (once I sort out Windows 2008 Streaming Media). Robbie’s blog is here   Published: 6/02/2008 9:20 AM Attachments: