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I get asked from time to time by many SMB IT consultants about which business blogs to read.  Here’s a few that have interesting stuff on them this week.  I’d recommend you take a look and see for yourself if they strike a chord with you.

Small Business Trends – this has some great info, normally focused on the USA, but equally applicable across the globe.  They have a post today offering 100 of the best kept marketing secrets.  Check it out here  This book is assembled based on community input which is a neat idea.

Flying Solo – this site is an Aussie based site designed for one man business operations.  Based on my community involvement I find that many SMB IT consultants start out like this and often find their niche and stay small.  This site gives some great hints and tips on how to survive being a one man shop.  I know that Vlad won’t like it – but hey – he’s just Vlad 🙂

Blogtrepreneur – this site is focused on business’ that are mainly online entities – however they have some great ideas on how you can build your business in directions you might not have thought about.  Their post today gives 101 resources that any business could use to better survive.

What great business blogs do you read?  Let me know.

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Published: 18/03/2008 10:47 AM

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