Trend Taiwan – Day 5


Ok – so I’m posting this a day late 🙂  Friday was my last day at Trend.  It was a week that I really enjoyed.  I met lots of new people and got the unique chance to express directly to these people about all the things that matter to us in the SMB IT Professional / Reseller Community.  I’ll post next week on some wrap up items.

On my last day, I began with spending 2 hours presenting / discussing with the teams that I’ve met about a summary of my experiences, along with suggestions as to how I felt they could better improve things overall.  Naturally much of the specifics need to remain under NDA for the moment, but I will post more on this once we’ve clarified a few of the ideas that were discussed.  During the discussions one of the team members was asking a number of high level questions.  I’d not seen this team member before during the week and wondered who he was.  His questions were really focused on understanding not only the technical needs of our market, but the business aspects as well.  If you’ve been presenting for as long as I have, you soon realise that a person like this is not "your normal developer".  After the session finished, he came up and introduced himself to me – he was Oscar Chang – Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President for the entire Trend Micro organisation.  Oscar was very happy to have been able to understand just how they could do better to help improve what they do for and with us.  I must admit to being surprised to having such a high level person attend my briefing and on reflection this makes me see just how much Trend are really serious about meeting our needs in the SMB space.  I look forward to future discussions with Oscar on how they can do things for us.

It’s a little sad at the same time that I’ll be leaving this team.  I’ve learned a little Chinese over the last week, although my conversational ability extends to hello, thank you, this is delicious food, and this is not so delicious food, plus a few slang words that the guys taught me in relation to girls 😉  They told me though that these were "men only" words that we should keep to ourselves – not sure if they are pulling my leg or not.  All in all it was a fantastic opportunity and I hope that I represented the SMB community well to Trend.

I want to thank the man responsible for this – Mr Dal Gemmell – he’s on of the Global SMB Product Managers responsible for the SMB space.

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Published: 23/03/2008 1:22 AM

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