Outlook 2007 & BCM – Performance Issues?

Body: I run Office 2007 Ultimate and Business Contact Manager 2007.  I use BCM to track all my contacts, do marketing campaigns, and manage projects.  It works pretty well… except… PERFORMANCE SUCKS.  I didn’t notice it at first, just found that Outlook would freeze from time to time for no good reason.  I tried to read many blogs showing how to improve performance like this one, but they didn’t help.  I have a 5GB mailbox and even when I got it down to the 2GB limit for performance as MS suggested, Outlook still froze.  So I thought to disable any … Continue reading Outlook 2007 & BCM – Performance Issues?

Trend Taiwan – Day 1

Body: So today I started my one week work with Trend here in Taipei.  I arrived last night after a long flight from Sydney via Hong Kong and finally got into my room around midnight.  Unfortunately the guy and gal next door were not ready to go to bed and I was not able to get to sleep for some hours (lucky guy next door). So I arrived at the office today – caught a cab from the hotel which I managed without too much trouble – Trend have this little laminated card with the office and hotel address in … Continue reading Trend Taiwan – Day 1

Firewall Dashboard being retired

Body: Dana has had to make the hard decision to discontinue his excellent Firewall Dashboard product that he designed for the SMB market space – specifically SBS 2003 Premium.  His announcement here is to me a major example of the SMB community NOT supporting a vendor who has directly invested into our community.  You the SMB community are using his product for free and not actually paying for it.  You’re using it with the watermark and NOT PAYING FOR IT.  Heck – the product is cheap as chips and provides excellent value for monitoring your ISA installations.  We have clients … Continue reading Firewall Dashboard being retired

Jeff and HarryB webcast this Friday

Body: The leader Swinger – Jeff Middleton in conjunction with SMBNation and HP will be doing a webcast this Friday (US time).  If you want to know more about what’s going on with migration to SBS 2008 then check it out. Registration: Event – Friday 8am – 9:30am (PDT) March 14 https://www119.livemeeting.com/lrs/8000064431/Registration.aspx?pageName=3l3kfrpb3ql4lp7s Jeff Middleton will be talking with Harry about: SBS 2008 "Myth of 50 Seats" EBS 2008 "Theory of 25 Seats" A perspective of these EBS Family products: 1, 2, 3 & 4 Server deployments A perspective of the SBS 2008 Standard and Premium SKUs alignment opportunities Migration and … Continue reading Jeff and HarryB webcast this Friday

Microsoft finally fix SP2 Network issues

Body: SBS, ISA, Exchange, Windows Server – are all products that have experienced some major communications issues if you have installed Windows 2003 Service Pack 2.  I’ve blogged about it before with some of the issues that I’ve personally had.  The fault lies in the Scalable Networking Pack which are a set of features designed for high performance environments.  Some bright spark inside Microsoft decided that it was a GREAT IDEA to enable these features by default when you install W2003 SP2 onto a system.  Unfortunately they were WRONG – dead wrong in fact as we later have found many … Continue reading Microsoft finally fix SP2 Network issues

Beaten by Rob Crane – Sharepoint Blog that is :-)

Body: Rob Crane showed me last night that he’s already upgraded his blog to use the recently released Community Blog kit from Microsoft.  I am planning to upgrade my blog in the next few weeks, but Robert has done it already.  Just look at the differences between the normal blog and Roberts. Check out Roberts blog here he’s got lots of useful information not only on sharepoint, but also a host of other SMB items. From talking to Robert, I believe that it’s a fairly straight forward inplace upgrade.  Maybe he’ll blog something about it to save me the hassles … Continue reading Beaten by Rob Crane – Sharepoint Blog that is 🙂

SBS 2008 can up up to 75 users or devices – not 50

Body: Microsoft you are really confusing people right now.  SBS 2003 has always supported up to 75 users or devices.  SBS 2008 ALSO supports up to 75 users or devices, HOWEVER you are telling people that it’s designed for up to 50 users or devices when it’s not.  I know that you’re trying to say that 50 is the ideal spot for SBS 2008, but you are about to create the same myths that you are trying to get Tom the SBS Guru to clear up.  Don’t make it hard for yourselves guys.  Fix your marketing and fix it now!  … Continue reading SBS 2008 can up up to 75 users or devices – not 50

Off to work for Trend in Taiwan

Body: Yes – those that know me know that I am a big fan of Trend Micro products in the SMB Space.  I’ve used their products for our clients for about 5 or so years now and have been pretty happy with not only the product, but the company and the people that work within it.  To me, these are the components of a good business relationship.  To me, Trend really do focus on the SMB market space by trying to understand how we as resellers work, what it is that we go through and then they try to build … Continue reading Off to work for Trend in Taiwan

Vodafone blow it in the SMB Reseller channel

Body: Well – it does look like Vodafone are blowing their chance in the SMB Reseller channel here in Australia.  Let’s look at some of the issues that I’ve heard of / experienced over the last 3 months. First they provide wrong information to the channel as I experienced here Then they in conjunction with Ingram Micro can’t get their processes together http://blog.sbsfaq.com/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=96 We’ve had many many variations in the process that we’re supposed to go through to get these things connected. Resellers have reports that the Notebook Data Card is never in stock – in fact I know of … Continue reading Vodafone blow it in the SMB Reseller channel

Fuzzy Blogs

Body: Those that know my business partner, Ryan "Fuzzy" Spillane will know he’s a man of many talents.  He’s just started his own blog (after much pressure encouragement from many people).  Check it out here http://fuzzyau.blogspot.com/ Published: 8/03/2008 9:18 PM