Dirty Little Secret is out

Body: No – not my dirty little secret is out – but Aileen Paron’s new single http://www.myspace.com/aileenparon What has this got to do with SBS I hear you ask?  Simple – Dean Paron http://www.myspace.com/deanparon is one of the lead SBS Product Managers on the SBS team and this is his wife 🙂  Check it out – I heard her sing and even purchased her CD which is just great! BTW – don’t you think Dean looks good for 82 years old 😉 Published: 6/03/2008 8:09 PM

Identity theft – someone stole my SBSGuru ID.

Body: I created a persona some years back now called SBSGuru – I did this because a certain moderator took offence to my challenging his views of a group I was involved in, and I wanted to rejoin that group so as to keep an eye on things and still help keep the community "on track".  As it happens the group is a low traffic one and it’s not a big thing. Anyway – today I was informed that another was calling themselves SBSGuru – imagine my surprise to find that this guys "exists" after all those years.  Check out … Continue reading Identity theft – someone stole my SBSGuru ID.

Thank you for calling Inese it is appreciated.

Body: Microsoft it would seem are somewhat concerned over the furore in the community over their recent contact with SMB customers.  Honestly – I think a large part is a storm in a tea cup and it’s diverting us from other things that we should be focusing on. Earlier today, I received a phone call from the head honcho of MS Australia’s SMB Team.  Inese Kingsmill has taken the time out of her day to contact me about the concerns that many are expressing in the community over this letter.  I’m actually sorry that she had to do this – … Continue reading Thank you for calling Inese it is appreciated.

Microsoft are stealing all my clients….

Body: Hmm – did that headline grab your attention – I hope it did. Today it was exposed that Microsoft Australia are reaching out to their/our clients to "better engage with them".  They are doing this by sending out letters direct to the clients asking them to contact Microsoft and let them know the numbers of desktops, servers and the like that they have.  In return the customer will gain untold riches, unlimited licensing and a 1GB USB stick (2 out of those three are lies – guess which yourself).  This would be about the 5th or 6th time in … Continue reading Microsoft are stealing all my clients….

Great SharePoint Tools

Body: There is currently a big SharePoint conference running in the USA and as a result of that a host of new SharePoint announcements.  Here’s a few that I think may be relevant to those in the SMB market space. External Collaboration Toolkit – this kit can be used to setup a SharePoint site on your network and have internal users access the site using their normal AD account, with external users accounts being in a separate database on the network.  You still need to have a Windows Server CAL to be legitimately licensed, but this increases security and functionality … Continue reading Great SharePoint Tools