Twitter – useful or useless?

Body: Ok – so I’ve heard of twitter, and to be honest, did not get it. I mean what’s wrong with email and IM as a means for communication?  Then in the lead up to the MVP summit in Seattle a few weeks back, someone suggested we use twitter as a way to meet up with who was going where/when etc.  Still – I did not get it.  Email can do that right?  Following the MVP summit, I went to the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference in Houston, where I met a heap of new people. Social media was a … Continue reading Twitter – useful or useless?

Small Business Marketing Unleashed – Day 2

Body: Day 2 of the Small Business Marketing Unleashed event and I’m not supposed to be blogging or twittering about the content as much of it is so deep and personal to many of us – but hey – I can’t resist.  Naturally – I won’t blog about anything that I should not, so here’s my summary of what I saw and learned today. As part of today’s workshops attendees were asked to submit their sites for discussion during each session.  We only got to discuss two or three during each session, but the results were amazing. First up was … Continue reading Small Business Marketing Unleashed – Day 2

Houston IT Professionals Group

Body: On my last night here in Houston, I was privileged to be invited by Anne Stanton, the founder of the Houston IT Professionals group (HIP) to present at their group at Microsoft’s Houston offices.  I had just finished attending the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference and was looking forward to getting back into the same community as I am familiar with.  HIP is still in it’s infancy and this was it’s 3rd meeting, so it was great to see 10 people come along to the group.  We talked about all manner of things affecting the SMB IT Professional, however … Continue reading Houston IT Professionals Group

Twitter me…

Body: Ok – so I’ve got to admit that I still don’t quite get twitter, but hey – it’s in use by ALL the top people here at the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference here in Houston, so I figure it MUST be good. I’m on twitter now – go ahead and add me if you want to engage in a conversation with me 🙂  Bear in mind, I’m an amateur with it – my twitter ID is sbsfaq Category: Conferences Published: 23/04/2008 2:25 AM

Who’s Susan Bradley? – aka Small Business Marketing Unleashed – Day 1

Body: It’s funny actually – I’m attending an conference focused on Small Business and IT here in the USA and NO ONE know’s who the heck Susan Bradley is. It’s certainly a first to me for sure.  Susan is well known in the SBS IT Pro community as THE blog to read if you have any questions or need direction.  However no one here has heard of her.  What’s more interesting is that no one knows what an MVP is. My point is that we all live in our own little worlds and often we think that the ends of … Continue reading Who’s Susan Bradley? – aka Small Business Marketing Unleashed – Day 1

Small Business Marketing Conference – The Night before

Body: I arrived today at this conference here in Houston, TX.  I found out about it on their website here I wanted to come to this event as I’ve not seen anything like it in Australia and I really want to learn more about how I can go about marketing my two business – and Correct Solutions better using online techniques. Tonight they had a speed networking event on which is like speed dating (or so they say – I’ve never done that before) but it was great – I got my elevator pitch down pat which was great.  … Continue reading Small Business Marketing Conference – The Night before

Mark – wish I could be there – but I can’t.

Body: Mark Crall – a massive influence on the SMB/SBS community in the Carolinas region of the USA has questioned "Why are there no MVP’s at the SMB Summit" Honestly Mark – I was not wanted or needed.  When the event was announce, and I found out that out it was on right after MVP Summit, my first email was to the conference organiser.  I asked "What can I do to help?  Do you need a presenter/anything".  After a few emails back and forth, I was essentially told at that point "No thanks we’ve got it covered – we don’t … Continue reading Mark – wish I could be there – but I can’t.

The last few…for now…

Body: What do Hockey Pants, Manuals and a Spanking have to do with SBS 2008 and EBS 2008?  Watch and find out. Dean and I have had some fun with this over the last few days… we plan to do more, but here’s the last 3 that we’ve done for now… enjoy… watch out for the spanking one – that’s just for you Vlad 🙂 Hockey Pants   Manuals   SBS vs EBS – The Spanking Published: 19/04/2008 10:25 AM Attachments: