Are you running a business or a hobby?


Interesting question huh.  Many of us in the SMB IT Pro sector have more fallen into our business rather than actively planned our business.  As such many of us treat it more as a hobby that we make money out of than a business that can sustain itself.  Is that the wrong thing to do? 

I mean a hobby is very enjoyable and the passion we put into a hobby means we often get some amazing results.  So what is wrong with making a hobby into a business?  With a hobby you often make investments with no real plan of getting a return out of it.  With a hobby you devote endless hours making it just right with out an idea.  With a hobby often you go driving down the road with no plan as to where you’re going.

How to make a hobby into a business without loosing the passion is I think the key here.  The first step is to do some form of plan.  Call it a business plan, call it anything you like, but MAKE A PLAN.  Even if it’s a single page plan, do it. I’m keen to hear what good business planning resources you use now and get insight on things you do in this area.

I’ve decided that I need to lift my game.  I’ve got some great ideas, but my ability to deliver them has been hampered more because I often get tied up in the hobby side of things rather than the business side of things. Over the next few months I’ll be busy building better things to help with the future.  Things that will both help the community and build a better business for me personally.  Hopefully I can bring my vision into reality and you’ll all benefit from it 🙂

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Published: 3/04/2008 7:39 PM

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