The Dalai Lama, MVP Summit and Bishop Desmond Tutu…


I’ve been here in Seattle since last Friday for the MVP summit which started last night.  I’m staying in a hotel in downtown Seattle, and when I walked into the hotel, I walked right into a line of Seattles finest police in full uniform… I wondered what I had done… I mean – I know I’m important (NOT!) but hey – I didn’t expect the police presence.  I joked with one of the police that I didn’t think the knew what I had done – they joked back that they knew what I WOULD do if I didn’t behave 🙂 with a smile too.

So later that day – I heard sirens and looked out my window to see a massive motorcade coming down the road with all roads blocked, motorcycle cops everywhere.  I rush downstairs, walked outta the elevator and right into secret service guys blocking my path with a very stern "Please stop right there sir…"  These guys had NO expression on their face except one that said "Don’t mess with me".  Shortly after I saw some guys in robes, and realised it was the Dalai Lama.  I got a photo but it’s too blurry to see clearly.  Yesterday though Eriq Neale got a great video of him as he left.  I got some video of the motorcade too over the weekend – these guys don’t mess around.  Turns out the Dalai Lama is here for a Seeds of Compassion

Today when coming down for Breakfast, Marina had the following….

Just walked into Bishop Desmond Tutu from South Africa as he came out of the elevator in the Grand Hyatt. In full official clothing. That elevator had a lot of people in it, and as someone who was waiting for the elevator just like me, made some comment, Desmond came out with ‘ Yes, I am the side kick of the Dalai Lama ‘.

People had to pick me up from the floor…because I was laughing (not fainting).

With all the MVPs in town, we’re starting to wonder what category these spiritual leaders fall into 🙂

Published: 16/04/2008 3:26 AM

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