Small Business Marketing Conference – The Night before


I arrived today at this conference here in Houston, TX.  I found out about it on their website here

I wanted to come to this event as I’ve not seen anything like it in Australia and I really want to learn more about how I can go about marketing my two business – and Correct Solutions better using online techniques.

Tonight they had a speed networking event on which is like speed dating (or so they say – I’ve never done that before) but it was great – I got my elevator pitch down pat which was great.  At the end of it they had a special treat for us – the one and only SEO Rapper – this guy was a blast – he put SEO terms into rap and it was amazing.  Check out his clips on YouTube below.

The Link building Rap

Social Media Addiction

Paid Search Rap

Conversion Closing Rap

Design Coding Rap

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Published: 21/04/2008 2:37 PM

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