Baby Born on Twitter – a first?


Ok – so congratulations to Vlad and Katie Mazek on the birth last night of their first baby Tim Mazek 🙂  For those that don’t know him, Vlad is the CEO for Own Web Now – a Florida based company that has done heaps to aid SMB resellers worldwide.

Guys  you won’t know what’s hit you now because for the next 20 years you’ll be looking after this little guy feeding, changing nappies, teaching him to grow up.  Having two kids of my own I can only say it is both stressful and amazing at the same time.  Our two kids are 15 and 9 yrs old now – pretty independent, but they constantly surprise me.  So what was interesting was watching Vlad and Katies twitter feed over the past 48 hours.  Copy below… is this the first baby "born" on Twitter? What’s cool about this (aside from the insight to Katie’s thoughts) is that the variety of methods that Katie was able to update her twitter account, she used both the web and SMS to send updates to the twitter.  Think of the possible uses that this could have in business to give quick status style information not just about a person, but an object such as a feed to your customers about the status of your web servers or something similar.


Well – congratulations.  What’s even more impressive is that baby Tim already has his own twitter account – go ahead and make friends with him @timmazek watch him grow over the coming days and months and his view of his amazing parents.

PS Vlad – you can have the password to the account when you cry uncle 😉

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Published: 2/05/2008 11:36 AM

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