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It seems that this week is going to be a big week in SBS circles.  At the SBSmigrations conference in New Orleans, the Microsoft SBS team are making a few announcements about changes to the SBS product.  One of the key ones is that the famed Windows Home Server backup which was slated for release in SBS 2008, will not make it into the final product by release time.  That’s a shame really because I thought that this was one of the things that would give this product some "ZING".  Microsoft say they will figure out how to get it in there at some point after release. 

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Also to be noted is that SBS 2008’s backup will NOT support tape drives.  You need to look to removable hard drives as the media for your backup.  This too was announced LAST year at the same conference.  I think that maybe MS have missed the mark on this one though as removable hard drives are not at the same price point or capacity as tapes are.  This means the customers will have to have a more expensive backup solution via multiple removable hard drives which is not so good 🙁

Watch the press this week as you never know what else might be said at the SBSMigration conference that might "slip out" 😉

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Published: 11/05/2008 7:28 AM

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