SBS2008 – Information on Backup

Body: It seems that this week is going to be a big week in SBS circles.  At the SBSmigrations conference in New Orleans, the Microsoft SBS team are making a few announcements about changes to the SBS product.  One of the key ones is that the famed Windows Home Server backup which was slated for release in SBS 2008, will not make it into the final product by release time.  That’s a shame really because I thought that this was one of the things that would give this product some "ZING".  Microsoft say they will figure out how to get … Continue reading SBS2008 – Information on Backup

How to make friends and influence people on Twitter

Body: I’m still not sure about twitter as a business tool.  For the moment, I’m seeing it more as a live discussion tool that I liken to overhearing conversations at a party, you hear scraps of it from the people next to you, but you don’t hear the full conversation unless your following all the people in that conversation.  Mack Collier has just blogged an article about some of the tools you can use to find and link up with people on twitter that might be part of a conversation you want to have with others.  Check out his article … Continue reading How to make friends and influence people on Twitter

Trend Training coming to a city near you.

Body: This only applies for my Australian and New Zealand readers, but if you’ve not gotten the email from Trend already, check out below for training coming to a city near you.  This includes training on the upcoming CSM for SMB v5.0 (aka WFBS v5.0).  I’m heading to the Sydney event tomorrow so hope to see you there. Dear Partner, Please join Trend Micro for their quarterly partner training. This year, we’re doing things a little different delivering both sales and technical training to all partners. To register for these sessions, please click the appropriate link – Worry-Free Sales Training: … Continue reading Trend Training coming to a city near you.

Baby Born on Twitter – a first?

Body: Ok – so congratulations to Vlad and Katie Mazek on the birth last night of their first baby Tim Mazek 🙂  For those that don’t know him, Vlad is the CEO for Own Web Now – a Florida based company that has done heaps to aid SMB resellers worldwide. Guys  you won’t know what’s hit you now because for the next 20 years you’ll be looking after this little guy feeding, changing nappies, teaching him to grow up.  Having two kids of my own I can only say it is both stressful and amazing at the same time.  Our … Continue reading Baby Born on Twitter – a first?