Trend WFBS 5.0 Blocks Malware…


This week at the Perth SMB IT Professionals Group, Sandi Hardmeirer, used my laptop to demonstrate ways that potential spyware attacks could take place on unsuspecting users without them even clicking on links in a web page.  She showed us a video which displayed how a well respected website was infected with malvertisements (bad advertisements) that redirected the user to other websites without any interaction at all.  Following the redirection the bad website would proceed to install malicious code on the users PC for their own nefarious purposes.

During the demonstration, Sandi attempted to visit a URL that was known to be bad, and I was impressed to see that my Trend WFBS 5.0 client software blocked her from getting there.  From the screenshot below, you can see that the Web Reputation Services built into the Trend software has blocked the web browser from accessing this malicious site.  It gave me the option to approve the website I was attempting to go to, but naturally we declined 🙂

Well done Trend – one more step forward for the good guys.


Category: TrendMicro
Published: 19/06/2008 12:40 AM

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