Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) Wireless Network Problems and Solutions

Body: Have you installed the Vodafone Mobile Connect software and seen problems with it not getting DHCP addresses via the laptops Wireless NIC? We’ve seen it on a few laptops and it is completely random. I had two laptops of exact same configuration and found that the problem existed on one 100% of the time and not at all on the other laptop – even though they were setup side by side identically. One of the guys in our office spent some time digging into it as we had it randomly causing problems on some client laptops. He came up … Continue reading Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) Wireless Network Problems and Solutions

Blocking UPS SPAM Mail

Body: I use TrendMicros InterScan Messaging Hosted Security service as part of Worry-Free Business Security Advanced to provide front line SPAM and Malware detection to all mail coming into my family domain and to the sbsfaq.com domain.  I’ve been using it for nearly 12 months now.  In order to test the effectiveness of a SPAM solution, I’ve got a mailbox configured with old / defunct email addresses that I no longer use. Email addresses of info@sbsfaq.com, editor@sbsfaq.com and faq@sbsfaq.com collect nothing but SPAM.  Below you can see the last 10 days of email to these email addresses. They comprise of … Continue reading Blocking UPS SPAM Mail

How to remove Antivirus 2008

Body: I had a migraine yesterday – a pretty severe one that lasted 12hours plus. So today I was off to the Doctors to figure out what it was and get some drugs to deal with it again.  Ok – so then I went to the Pharmacy to get the prescription filled.  I’ve been going to the same Doctor and Pharmacist for 10 years now. Behind the counter, the pharmacist – Allan was on the phone with Telstra.  It turned out that his computer was infected by a virus and had been down since last Friday. He had been lodged … Continue reading How to remove Antivirus 2008

SBS 2008 Documentation Updates

Body: Found today that Microsoft have updated the downloadable documents for SBS 2008 in the last few days.  Here are a few links for you. Windows Small Business Server 2008 Installation Guide Migrating to Windows Small Business Server 2008 from Windows Small Business Server 2003 Migrating to Windows Small Business Server 2008 from Windows Small Business Server 2008 That last one is indeed correct – they are providing guidance up front on how to migrate from SBS 2008 to SBS 2008 – that allows you to do a swing basically to a new SBS 2008 server.  Category: SBS 2008 / … Continue reading SBS 2008 Documentation Updates

EBS 2008 Documentation Updates & Downloads

Body: The team behind Essential Business Server 2008  have updated some of their downloadable documents this week – here are the links. Also they have released RC1 for public download   Windows Essential Business Server 2008 – RC1 Public Download Windows Essential Business Server Product Overview Windows Essential Business Server Getting Started Guide Windows Essential Business Server Installation Guide Windows Essential Business Server Preparation and Planning Guide   Migration Whitepapers Migrating from Windows Small Business Server 2003 to Windows Essential Business Server Migrating Microsoft Exchange Server to Windows Essential Business Server Migrating Active Directory Domain Services Scripts, Roaming Profiles, Redirected … Continue reading EBS 2008 Documentation Updates & Downloads

Windows SharePoint Services Operations Guide

Body: One of the members of the SMB IT Professionals Group in Sydney is Robert Crane.  Robert has spent some time working with Windows SharePoint Services and has taken a vast amount of his knowledge and put it into writing in the form of his Windows SharePoint Services Operations Guide. This guide is comprised of many pages of information that walks you through from basics such as how to post information to the site, through to the various templates that come with WSS. I’ve had a chance to review his guide and found it to be an excellent resource if … Continue reading Windows SharePoint Services Operations Guide

SBS 2008 Migration Documentation

Body: I’m finalising to do a migration this weekend from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 for one of our customers who is on the official Microsoft TAP program for SBS 2008. As part of that I needed to download and review the latest documentation relating to the official Microsoft supported methods to perform the migration.  Basically they support a form of the "Swing Migration" method that I’ve been using since 2001.  You can get the latest downloaded documents from here Once you download them and expand and run the CHM file you will get something like the screen below. For … Continue reading SBS 2008 Migration Documentation

Trend blocking Antivirus 2009

Body: This came up in the SBS2K list where one of the members posted about his sites and the fact that the users were downloading and installing a product called Antivirus 2009.  He wondered why the version of Trend he is using was not blocking them.  I suspect that this came to him using a form of malvertisement and sure enough – after checking Sandi’s blog, I am right.  It looks like one of the attack vectors for this is from "infected add banners", although it can be also from other sources too.  After some digging I found this blog … Continue reading Trend blocking Antivirus 2009

I’m outta here..

Body: Yup – for the next few days I’ll be out of contact while I take a few days to spend with my family out west on a farm that has no mobile phone reception and no Internet access. I won’t be back online till next Tuesday so if you email me I’ll respond after that point.  I’ll be out west – in the center of this little map – so you can see there’s not much around which will be good.   Published: 17/07/2008 10:16 AM Attachments: http://blog.sbsfaq.com/Lists/Posts/Attachments/206/image_2.pnghttp://blog.sbsfaq.com/Lists/Posts/Attachments/206/image_thumb.png

SPAM Filtering Options in Trend Worry-Free Business Security

Body:   With the release of Trends WFBS 5.0 (formerly known as CS and CSM Security) Trend have upgraded the Antispam components in a number of ways. For some this is causing some confusion. Hopefully I can help resolve that. When you purchase WFBS Advanced over Standard, you get support for Exchange Server. This is the typical choice for Small Business Server owners who use Exchange for their mail. The WFBS Standard suite has no support for Exchange Server and therefore a lot of what is below does not apply. So what do you get? WFBS Standard includes a client … Continue reading SPAM Filtering Options in Trend Worry-Free Business Security